In-office neurofeedback training costs can be a deterrent for some, but our FDA-approved rental system enables you to bring home a professional-grade NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback system to experience trusted and proven training at a savings of 30% or more depending on the package you choose.

The NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback system is best for families and individuals who hope to fulfill their highest potential in every area of life–physically and mentally. This system has been designed to be used in the convenience and relaxed environment of your home.  Programmed with the latest NeurOptimal® software (version 3.0) this device is user-friendly and safe for both children and adults. Some people have even reported great results using the system with their pets!

Why rent a NeurOptimal®Neurofeedback System?

Mental health and wellness should be accessible and affordable to families. The NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback system has the capacity to cultivate and positively support emotional strength, concentration, healthy sleep patterns, and enhance the quality of your relationships. With regular training, you and your family can begin experiencing a higher level of mental acuity, whether you are working at a demanding job, taking some challenging college courses, or training for an upcoming marathon.

When you have this easy-to-use neurofeedback system in your home, your family can schedule sessions that fit into their busy schedule, while eliminating travel time and saving at least 30% in cost per session.

Neurofeedback Rental Packages

With each rental, we provide a training session to equip you in using our system most effectively! We will happily provide consulting throughout the month if you have any questions.
*Please note that rentals must be picked up from our Freedom Neurofeedback Services office.


Why NeurOptimal®?

The NeurOptimal® program supports overall body and mind benefits. Training with NeuroOptimal may result in improvements to your sustained focus, resilience, mental clarity, and ability to rest. While actively training your brain, you are actively choosing a better, more successful version of you!